Done with such style!. Alaska reporter quits on air to advocate for legal marijuana. 

After reporting on the Alaska Cannabis Club on Sunday night’s broadcast, KTVA’s Charlo Greene identified herself as the business’s owner and said she would be devoting all her energy to fighting for “freedom and fairness.” She then used an expletive to quit her job, and walked off-camera.


Mostly I’m just shocked that there are Black people in Alaska.  How did we get way up there?  Can you even get good collards?  Do they sell Luster’s Pink Oil Moisturizer in Alaska?  Is there a constant battle against ashyness?  I have so many questions for Charlo Green.

But how many people haven’t dreamed of quitting a job just like that?  I’m jealous.  I mean obviously her career in broadcast journalism is over, but she owns a pot store anyway so she’s fine. Plus, she got that free advertisement in the moment and now she’s about to go viral.  Everybody with a weed card is gonna be hitting up Charlo for their weed because she’s a Boss, so good job girl.  Money couldn’t buy this kind of publicity.

(via thepeoplesrecord)